Sylvester Stallone to Release "Rocky IV" Directors Cut for 35th Anniversary

Good news for Rocky fans but bad news for fans of Paulie's beloved robot...

Sylvester Stallone announced that he, along with MGM films will be releasing a directors cut of Rocky IV celebrating the 35th Anniversary of it's release back in 1985.

One of the biggest omissions of the new cut of the film will be all scenes including the character Paulie's robot maid that Rocky gifted him for his birthday. Stallone did not hold any....punches... when talking about Sico the maid, "the robot is going to the junkyard forever, no more robot...I don't like that robot anymore." Really gotta feel for robot community here.

The rest of the movie will be more of the same with improved don't worry Rocky will still put an end to the Cold War and avenge Apollo's death with his fists, all fueled by an epic greased up, mountain range/wood shed, 80's music infused workout regiment to defeat Ivan Drago and all of Russia which you can watch below...

My heart is on fire just thinking about it, i'm jacked up.

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