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The Last Blockbuster Store Turns Into an AirBnb

Big time nostalgia...

Blockbuster stores are a thing of the past with streaming services taking over our viewing experiences. However, can you stay a night at a Netflix store? No you can't, because that is not a thing.

The last Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon is opening its doors as an Airbnb, September 18th-20th, for three winners to spend one night each.

The store will be complete with 90's-esque decor including a living room pull out couch, bean bag chairs, an old school big screen TV, and plenty of snacks...can't forget those.

Unfortunately, not everybody can enter to win a one night stay, only residents of Deschutes County, Oregon where the store is located

:( ... Bummer.

For more information and pictures of the store, check out

Cover Photo: credit Getty Images

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