Netflix Movie Produced By Adam Sandler & LeBron James Set to Film in Philly

Basketball is back, and I suppose movies about basketball are also back!

This fall, a Netlfix movie, titled "Hustle," which will be produced by Adam Sandler, and NBA superstar LeBron James, is set to film in Philadelphia. It is the first major motion picture slated to film in the city since the COVID- 19 outbreak.

The movie will star Adam Sandler, as a struggling professional basketball scout who is fired by his organization after discovering talented players overseas. So it looks like Sandler will keep it rolling with a basketball themed movie as well as working with a high profiled NBA player as he just did in the highly rated 2019 film "Uncut Gems" with Kevin Garnett.

Hey...if it ain't broke like Markelle Fultz' jump-shot, don't fix it Adam.

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