The ULTIMATE Philly Bracket!

It's time for you all to lay it on the line and vote daily for the ULTIMATE PHILLY BRACKET!

Follow along on our Instagram Story each day @Radio1045 to vote on each day's latest match up and choose the ULTIMATE PHILLY BRACKET WINNER!!!!

Round One Match Ups:

Cheese Steak vs. Hoagie - Winner: Cheese Steak

Water Ice vs. Soft Pretzel - Winner: Soft Pretzel

Phanatic vs. Swoop - Winner: Phanatic

Gritty vs. Franklin - Winner: Gritty

Youse Guys vs. Wooder - Winner: Wooder

Jawn vs. Yo - Winner: Jawn

Love Park vs. Rittenhouse Square Park - Winner: Rittenhouse Square Park

Kelly & MLK Drive vs. The Wissahickon Valley - Winner: Kelly & MLK Drive

Round Two Match Ups:

Cheese Steak vs. Soft Pretzel

Phanatic vs. Gritty

Wooder vs. Jawn

Rittenhouse Square Park vs. Kelly & MLK Drive

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