Hoochi Coochi Talks About Blues, Family, Personal Growth, and More

I just had a chance to hang with Danielle (aka Brown Sug) Johnson of the Dover-DE based band Hoochi Coochi. Well, now Danielle and her partner Chelsea live in Wilmington, DE so we've been getting a chance to see the band more often in Philly, Jersey, and northern Delaware areas in the past few months.

The group is a four-piece band with Danielle (Brown Sug) Johnson on vocals, Fatz Hawkins on guitar, Chelsea Grant on drums, and Mark Reed on bass. Originally Danielle and Fatz got together at a few open mics just to have fun with some blues based songs as a change of pace from what they were each doing individually -- but they had so much fun and the crowd enjoyed it so much, they decided to make a real thing out of it. Thus, Hoochi Coochi was born out of $3 bottles of wine and songwriting sessions.

The band is currently working on new music, planning to go into the studio this summer, and officially release their latest single, BBW, in July. You can listen to a preview of their original recording of BBW with Weathervane Music here.

Listen to the interview with Danielle of Hoochi Coochi where she talks about some of her influences, how the band gets along, how the scenes in Dover and Wilmington compare to Philly, some of their favorite Philly & Delaware bands to watch live and hang out with, their fave venues to play and much more.

Be sure to check Hoochi Coochi out online -- listen to their music on Spotify or Bandcamp, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Upcoming Hoochi Coochi shows of note:

Saturday, May 4th - Battle of the Bands at Rhawnhurst Cafe in Northeast Philadelphia (8002 Castor Ave.) with Tavertein, Basic and Threefold Five

Saturday, May 11th - at 1984 Wilmington (Wilmington, DE) with Eyebawl, Secret Nudist Friends & Fiance

Saturday, May 18th - Delaware Mystic Festival 2019 at Baronage Farm in Townsend, DE with music by Earth Radio, Better Ducks & more plus live painters, artisans, healers and much more.

Sunday, June 2nd - South Jersey Arts Fest at Appel Farm

Saturday, June 8th - Philadelphia Music Festival at The Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden in Kensington

Saturday, July 13th - 2019 Shady Grove Music Fest in Arden, DE

Danielle of Hoochi Coochi in front of the Anita Baker record at iHeartRadio Philadelphia

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