Creem Circus Talks About Glam Rock, Fashion, Art, Inspiration, & Influences

Chris DiPinto (of DiPinto Guitars) and Gloria Goodrich stopped by the Philly Music Podcast to talk about Creem Circus. We had a great chat about the evolution of the band, some of the directions they are taking the music into, and obvious and hidden influences on their music. Chris and Gloria also shared the importance of fashion to glam rock shows and how getting dressed up can get them into the right headspace to play a great show, make it a memorable spectacle for the audience and hopefully gain some new fans... as well as coordinating the look of the band as a whole. We talked about art and artists who've recently worked with Creem Circus to help create a great look for the music videos and album covers, including artist Jim Eyles who created the art for the latest album, The Glitterest, Sladest, Rockin’est, Laidest, Overtime-Paidest, Boogiest Band in Town; and photographer Dominic Episcopo who shot many of the music videos for the band.

The current lineup of Creem Circus is: Chris DiPinto on guitar and vocals, Ben Brower on guitar, Gloria Goodrich on bass, and Rockbottom Rob on drums.

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