Philly Tow Truck Drivers Must Provide Photographic Evidence Now

Gov. Shapiro just signed a new bill put into law: Philly tow truck driver accountability bill!

Tow truck operators in Philadelphia will soon be required to provide photographic evidence of a violation if they intend to tow a vehicle. The PPA and its contractors now must take pictures of the infractions and provide them to car owners who wish to fight their fees.

In an effort to provide more accountability to tow truck drivers throughout the City of Philadelphia, Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro, on Monday, signed a bill, that will require them to provide photograph evidence of violations, into law.

via NBC10:

Known as Act 43, the bill -- sponsored by Pa. State Rep. Jose Giral, D-Phila. -- will require tow truck drivers to provide photographic evidence of a violation before they can tow or remove a vehicle.
“I am pleased to see this commonsense measure signed into law,” Giral said in a statement shortly after the bill was signed into law.. “This will benefit everyone involved, the courts, drivers and towing companies, and will ensure greater accountability and transparency in our city.”
According to the wording of the legislation, anytime a vehicle is set to be towed, the tow truck driver must take photographic evidence that shows the vehicle's license plate, proof that a violation has occurred and any posted sign or information explaining that stopping, standing or parking are prohibited in that location.
A copy of the photographic evidence would then provided to the owner of the vehicle, for free, when they recover the towed vehicle.
Giral said that this provision will now make it easier for those who have their vehicle towed to fight any towing that might have been done unreasonably and avoid any associated towing fees.
The bill is set to take effect 60 days after the governor's signature.


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