PIXIES unveil 2 new songs!

Pixies and Modest Mouse In Concert - New York, NY

Photo: Arturo Holmes / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Pixies just gave us a surprise!
2 new tracks---one being the new song "You're So Impatient", and a cover of Jay Livingston & Ray Evan's "Que Sera, Sera"....

These are their first ever tracks with new bassist Emma Richardson (formerly of Band Of Skulls).

In a press statement, Pixies frontman Black Francis said,
“‘You’re So Impatient’ is a slightly comedic suburban culture moment: There’s this guy; there’s this gal; there’s this tug-of-love dynamic going on. But the backdrop is the mall. And while the mall is crass, it’s also a very zombie, rock’n’roll horror movie setting.”

The other song is a cover of the 1950s standard “Que Sera, Sera,” which the band originally recorded for the soundtrack to the television series From.
Check out BOTH songs below, and you can also get them on limited-edition 7inch vinyl starting July 19th.

Don't forget- catch PIXIES & Modest Mouse next week (6/12) at The Mann

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