"I Was In Psychosis For Three Years"

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Matt Shultz is reflecting on the three years he spent in psychosis and the arrest on gun charges that resulted in the Cage The Elephant's new album ‘Neon Pill.’ Shultz was detained in a hotel in New York in January 2023 for carrying firearms which were only licensed in Kentucky and Tennessee.

A court found the arrest was the result of psychotic delusions which Shultz had been suffering from as a side-effect of medication he’d been prescribed. After eight months of treatment, he now believes himself to be fully recovered.

He explained
“I slipped into psychosis, unknowingly, and was in psychosis for three years because I believed that the medication was saving my life, and it was actually destroying my life.” He went on to say, “The arrest, without a doubt, was a miracle. It saved my life. Following the arrest I was hospitalized for two months. Then I had six months of outpatient therapy afterwards and I feel completely recovered. But obviously, with recovery, it’s a lifelong thing.”

The band's new album, "Neon Pill" is available now.

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