Imagine Dragons Are Selling Their New Album For $5 Million...

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Imagine Dragons Are Selling Their New Album For $5 Million - But there's a good reason (and it's very clever)...

Imagine Dragons are selling a special edition of their upcoming album Loom for more than $5 million...FIVE MILLION DOLL-HAIRS....

But there's a reason for the inflated price tag.

The 'Discord Exclusive Loom Limited Edition Printed Digital Art Puzzle Vinyl' record is listed on the band's online store for a price tag of $5,001,000.000. However, the band doesn't expect anyone to actually pay that price. Instead, fans can join the band's Discord to get a promo code that drops the price down to a much more reasonable number.

The reason for the $5 million price tag? To keep away scalpers and bots.

Loom will be out June 28th.

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