JET confirms new album!

Jet Live At The Chapel

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JET has officially confirmed a new album (their first in 15 years) And it's coming out next year!

Ahead of a fresh batch of tour dates toasting the 20th anniversary of their iconic debut album Get Born, they have finally confirmed they’ve begun work on a new full-length LP, coming our way next year.

“It’s time… we’re pretty excited to tell you that we’re working on a new JET album, due for release in 2025,” the band announced in a press statement. The band continued: “As a little taste of what’s to come, we’re putting out a limited edition 7” vinyl single for our fans, the song is called ‘Hurry Hurry’.”

Via Yahoo:
For now, you’ll have to grab yourself a ticket to JET’s forthcoming Aussie tour in order to get your ears on the tune, which is only available as a physical release for now.

It comes packing a B-side dubbed ‘Un’avventura’ which is essentially a cover of a cover – Wilson Pickett’s version of ‘Un’avventura’ performed by Lucio Battisti at the 1969 Sanremo Music Festival. Frontman Nic Cester performs the song in half Italian/half English, in a nod to his time spent living in Italy over the past 15 years.

“These 7” vinyls are super limited and will be available at our upcoming Australian shows, if you can’t make a show, there will be a small number of coloured vinyl available via from May 9,” the band added.

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