Herr's Collabs with Philly Artists!

If you're a fan of Herr's- now you can wear merch to prove it! And Herr's has teamed up with Philly artists/businesses to make it happen!

PS- I carry around a Herr's x Phillies collab red purse- so I'm totally into this!

They're teaming up with Philly artists from South Fellini, and Dirty Hands Studio for the "Fits By Philly" limited-edition merchandise line! Stuff like t-shirts, tote bags, socks, stickers & more! All these unique snack-inspired designs are available while supplies last online. They will also be sold at South Fellini's store, located at 1507 East Passyunk Ave., from Wednesday through the end of May.

Via PhillyVoice:

"As a local artist from the Philadelphia area, I'm stoked that Herr's is partnering with our incredible artistic community," Tim Gough, of Dirty Hands Studio, said in a press release. "By collaborating with an iconic brand like Herr's, they create an opportunity for a local artist to contribute to the city's culture and celebrate the things that make Philly, Philly."
The shirt designs include one with the slogan "City of Brotherly Spud" and a personified, cartoon chip bag yelling, "Yo!" There's a design, also available on a tote, of William Penn holding what appears to be a round potato chip. Then there's a trucker hat with an embroidered Herr's delivery truck, stickers with phrases like "Freshness Guaranteed" and socks with chip-related words like "Crisp" and "Tasty."
"I think that these crazy socks are gonna do really well," said Bob Clark, Herr's vice president of marketing. "They're so colorful and vibrant. They say 'BBQ' and 'crisp' and 'tasty' on the socks. I mean, that's just such a weird idea."

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