WATCH: Dave Grohl performs a new song he wrote about Josh Homme

Last night a bunch of our favorite musicians came out to support the 'Josh Homme & Friends' Event! All to support the Sweet Stuff Foundation.

Instead of playing just any old song, Dave decided the night before that he'd write a song instead. So he wrote a song about his dear friend Josh Homme and performed it for the first time last night.

“When Josh asked me to come out and play tonight, I said, ‘Of course’,” Grohl told the audience. “And then I spent a couple of days trying to figure out like, ‘What the fuck am I gonna play?'”
“So I did something that’s maybe considered really, really uncool,” he said. “But I wrote a song that’s really genuine and earnest about my friend Josh.
“We’re all here for this one big reason, but I don’t know if we’d all be here if it weren’t for that guy. And when that guy fucking calls you and says, ‘Hey, I’m doing something’… he’ll kick your ass if you don’t, basically.”
Grohl added: “So I thought, ‘I’m gonna write a song about him and embarrass him in front of all of his friends’… by actually singing about how much I fucking love you, man. And I’ve never even sung it out loud.”

Check out the video below

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