Lenny Kravitz Lists Farmhouse On Airbnb


Photo: MICHAEL TRAN / AFP / Getty Images

"I want to get awayyyyy....I wanna flyyyyy awayyyyy... to Lenny's fricken airbnb- my goodness!"

Lenny Kravitz is making his luxury farmhouse, which is located just outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, available on Airbnb. The property, which is valued at $244 million, is available to rent for a daily rate of $3,655. The mansion includes a transparent piano that belonged to Ingmar Bergman and an armchair that was once owned by Andy Warhol. The master suite also has a copper bathtub right next to the bed.

The farm has a pond, soccer field, swimming pool, studio, complete gym, massage room and a BBQ area. The property also produces fruit and vegetables from its surrounding gardens.

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