Billy Corgan To Star In New Reality Show!

Reality TV is where it's at!

Billy Corgan is set to star in a new reality show on The CW

The unscripted series will be about "Corgan's life, family, role as President of The National Wrestling Alliance, and his 'day job.'" It will also be free of charge to stream and viewers won't need a subscription on the CW app thanks to a new partnership between the network and the NWA. On top of Corgan's currently untitled reality show, The CW will also offer other NWA programming for free.

Via Yahoo:

“The CW has made a big commitment to sports, and they have an incredible top-tier streaming platform,” commented Corgan on the new partnership in a press release. “The network’s audience represents a very wide swath of American culture—which wrestling has always been a key part of. This partnership gives us the opportunity to reach that audience more readily. We’re excited to get the chance to show there are other voices in professional wrestling.”
He added: “With NWA, there’s honesty, integrity, and a different level of swagger, because it’s coming from the underground. It’s similar to rock ‘n’ roll in this respect. With The CW behind us, we’re pulling NWA into the light where fans can appreciate its authenticity.”

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