The Cheapest Time To Travel To Popular Global Destinations

Winter Weather Impacts Air Travel In The U.S.

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Traveling can be pretty pricey, but you can save a lot on a trip depending on when you go...

New research from Bounce, a luggage storage company, reveals the cheapest times to visit some of the most popular destinations in the world.

The study found that January is the cheapest month to visit 15 cities around the world, including London, Amsterdam and Berlin.

February is a close second, as it’s the cheapest time to go to 12 cities, including New York and Paris.

Via Travel & Leisure:

As for which days are the cheapest to travel on, Bounce found a bit of a surprise. It noted that “contrary to popular belief, the data shows that Saturday is the cheapest day to stay in 17 cities,” including visiting places like Las Vegas, Dublin, and Milan. “This could be due to various factors, including lower demand for weekend business travel. This was also the most common cheapest day when we analyzed 2022.” 
Sunday, Friday, and Monday all tied for second place as the cheapest days to travel for 10 different cities, including major destinations like Prague, Barcelona, Rome, Singapore, and Miami.

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