Best Music Discovery EVER...this week: SHAED "Everybody Knows I'm High"

This week’s ALT 104.5 Best Music Discovery EVER...this week, is “Everybody Knows I'm High” by SHAED

When you hear it at 11AM, 2PM, 6PM or 10PM let us know if you like it by texting "LIKE" or "DISLIKE" to 91045. 

Thanks to Family & Co Jewelers !

More on SHAED:

When Multi-platinum D.C. trio SHAED wrote and recorded "Trampoline" in 2018, holed up in a tiny rental house they shared in the DC suburbs, they had no way of knowing this ethereal creation would transform their lives. A MacBook Air commercial featuring "Trampoline" launched the song on a global scale, leading to over 2 billion streams, iHeart's Alternative Song of the Year, and a global tour reaching as far as Japan.

Twin brothers and multi-instrumentalists Max and Spencer Ernst met Chelsea Lee while they were attending neighboring high schools and were immediately drawn to Chelsea’s undeniable voice. After years of friendship and courtship (Spencer and Chelsea are now married) the brothers and Chelsea launched SHAED in 2016 with the intention of combining their love of folk-rock groups like Fleetwood Mac and CSNY with their love of more modern electronic leaning artists like Radiohead and Tame Impala. What resulted was SHAED’s distinctive sound that blends Chelsea’s one-of-a-kind voice with lush three-part harmony, 80s synthesizers, and acoustic instruments including piano, guitar and bass.

After 2 years on the road promoting “Trampoline” and the “MELT” EP, the pandemic provided a break for the band to re-focus their efforts on songwriting. The result was SHAED’s first LP “High Dive,” which the band largely self-produced and featured a full Macedonian Orchestra. Presently, SHAED is deep in writing and recording their new album, reflecting on the newfound challenges and beautiful realizations of first-time parents (and uncles).


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