49ers Upset About Practice Field at UNLV

Dang- maybe the 49ers are just too soft...

The San Francisco 49ers are not happy with the practice field they're using at UNLV ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl. Team staff inspected the grass field last week, and say it's too soft. The field has already been inspected and approved by the NFL and NFL Players Association. The 49ers are temporarily calling UNLV's Fertitta Football Complex home and had their first walkthrough there on Monday. The Kansas City Chiefs have set up shop at Raiders' headquarters in Henderson.

With San Francisco serving as the away team, they don't get the benefit of playing at the local NFL team's facilities that the Kansas City Chiefs do. Instead, they get to play at the best college facilities nearby as per the NFL's typical guidelines.

CBS sources say that the turf is fine from a health-and-safety standpoint and it's just a matter of preference. 

The 49ers can either continue as normal, bring in new grass, or find a way to negotiate with the league to also use the Las Vegas Raiders' practice facility alongside the Chiefs.

NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers

Photo: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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