Pizza Hut Unveils Snake Pizza In Hong Kong

SNAKES on a plane? Nah...Snakes on a PIZZA. Wow. So messed up.

Pizza Hut is introducing a new and exotic SNAKE MEAT pizza in Hong Kong. The pizza features shredded snake meat, along with black mushrooms and dried ham, giving it a distinctive texture and flavor.

Pizza Hut and Ser Wong Fun teamed up to create a 9-inch pizza inspired by traditional snake stew.

Snake meat is believed to have medicinal properties and Pizza Hut claims that it can boost blood circulation.

“Combined with pizza, it marks a breakthrough from the conventional concept of what maintaining good health means while challenging one’s taste buds,” Pizza Hut Hong Kong said in a statement to CNN. According to the CNN report: customers who have tried the pizza claim that the texture of the snake is similar to dry chicken.

The Pizza is only available until November 22nd.

Read more via USA Today

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