Tom DeLonge Talks Blink Concert Film

Blink-182 In Concert - New York, NY

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DeLonge Talks Concert Film

Tom DeLonge is talking about the possibility of Blink-182 making a Taylor Swift-style concert movie.

In a new interview, DeLonge was asked about a Blink-182 movie similar to ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.’

DeLonge said that “some version” of a similar film has already been pitched to the band. He explained, “It always comes across the desk every few months. Some version. We’ve talked about doing something on this next tour that we just launched, like, today.” He went on to explain,

“You know, Taylor is a phenomenon. She can demand ticket sales. You and I both know how hard it is to get people to want to go to a movie theater. I don’t know if people would come to see Blink in a movie theater for the music, but they might come for the d*ck jokes. So maybe we focus on that?”

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