Tonight's Phillies X Marlins Game 1 Most Expensive Ticket

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game One

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Best sports town in the world.

Phillies X Marlins Game 1 is the most expensive wild card game by more than 500%.

And the prices of the other games are really sad... just $7 for the Blue Jays vs. the Twins

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As the MLB world gears up for Tuesday, fans go into a loop of contemplation with the first game. The Miami Marlins are set to meet the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, marking Game 1 in the best-of-three National League Wild Card series. The price of tickets for the Marlins vs. Phillies game is an astounding $199, which is the most expensive wild-card game by 503% per the USA Today reporter, Bob Nightengale. 
That being said, the prices of subsequent games are mind-boggling. The prices seem to dip drastically for the Game 1 between the Texas Rangers and the Tampa Bay Rays at $33 and exponentially down to $7 for the Toronto Blue Jays vs. the Minnesota Twins. Interestingly, this difference in price has caught the attention of fans. Fans, being as passionate as they are, went on a comment spree, expressing their mixed feelings. 

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