“Thirst Trap” & More: 690 New Words Added To Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Our language is always evolving, with new words and new meanings being added to existing words! If you've ever had a conversation with someone and had no idea what they meant, Merriam-Webster is here to help!

Merriam-Webster has just added 690 new words to their dictionary. The new entries include slang words like “doggo,” which means dog, “rizz,” which means romantic appeal or charm, and “GOATED,” defined as “considered to be the greatest of all time.”

Other words making this year’s list:

  • TFW - abbreviation for that feeling when — used especially on social media or in text messages to introduce a relatable scenario or an image that evokes a specific feeling
  • Smishing - the practice of sending text messages to someone in order to trick the person into revealing personal or confidential information which can then be used for criminal purposes
  • Jorts - shorts made of denim or jean : jean shorts
  • Rage quit - to suddenly stop participating or engaging in (something) in a fit of anger and frustration : to quit (something) in anger
  • Jump scare - a scripted moment (as in a film or video game) intended to startle the audience
  • Thirst trap - a photograph (such as a selfie) or video shared for the purpose of attracting attention or desire; someone or something that attracts attention or strong desire
  • Chef’s kiss - a gesture of satisfaction or approval made by kissing the fingertips of one hand and then spreading the fingers with an outward motion — often used interjectionally

See all 690 new words added HERE

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