Survey: People Eat 800 Extra Calories A Day When Working From Home



Well, this might be tough to swallow, but Americans working from home could be a cause for weight gain.

According to a new survey carried out by fitness tracking app MyFitnessPal, it found that working from home means more snacking that can add up to an extra 800 calories a day.

The survey also found that people also take about 35-hundred fewer steps a day when working from home, while about a third (36%) of the 2-thousand hybrid workers polled admit to snacking even when they’re not hungry and 60% feel they don’t eat as healthily at home.

Survey participants were asked to log all the food they ate throughout a day of working from home, including snacks, with results revealing that on average, respondents consumed 2,752 calories.

During a typical office day, they consumed 1,961 calories, 791 fewer calories compared to the alternative.

Check out the full rundown via NYPost

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