LIST: The Best U.S. Cities To Be A Ghost

Not sure if you wanna be a GHOST...but new research reveals the best city to be a ghost. According to they used a few factors to come up with the list including: the number of cemeteries, reported ghost sightings and the number of haunted houses.

The best city to be a ghost is Springfield, Massachusetts with Scranton, PA coming in at number 2! (also if you hate Halloween/the supernatural, head to Miami for halloween weekend- it came in last place!)


1) Springfield, Massachusetts, boasts an impressive 13.8 haunted houses per 100K households and buildings with a median age of 64 years old, offering that vintage flair. The city also has 6.6 mediums per 100K people, ensuring that spirits can communicate with their loved ones among the living.

2) Scranton, Pennsylvania, the historical architecture is abundant, with 32.2% of houses built before 1940. Sprinkle in 35.1 cemeteries per 100K people and a search interest for ghosts of 74 out of 100 (third highest in the study), and you have a city where the spectral and the living can coexist.

3) Birmingham, Alabama, stands out with 14.7 haunted houses per 100K households and 29.6 cemeteries per 100K people. Birmingham is a hotspot for ghosts looking to make a ghoulish match, with 2.4 haunted house attractions per 100K people, giving them plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle.

4) Syracuse, New York, is the place to be. Any specter looking to build their fanbase should look no further, as Syracuse comes in with an above-average overall search interest for ghosts of 62 out of 100. Couple this with a graves-per-person ratio of 1.5 and 24.2% of homes built before 1940, and Syracuse offers a historical backdrop for haunting activities.

5) Pittsburgh, PA
6) Dayton, OH
7) Knoxville, TN
8) Akron, OH
9) New Orleans, LA
10) Greenville, SC

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