Travis Barker Helps 9Yo, Nearly Blind Musician

Blink-182 In Concert - New York, NY

Photo: Manny Carabel / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Travis Barker made Grayson Robert's day.

Barker is helping a nine-year-old, nearly blind musician see the world. The Blink-182 drummer stepped away from the set of a music video to stop by Grayson Roberts' lemonade stand in Los Angeles over the weekend. Roberts was raising money to travel before he loses vision in his left eye. 

Barker gave the young drummer a large cash donation and some new drumsticks before backing him while he sang Adam Jenson's "Street Fight." Grayson posted the interaction on Instagram, thanking the iconic drummer for performing with him.  

Via Billboard:

The special moment took place at the Dream Factory space in Los Angeles and footage of it blew up over the weekend after social media influencer Charlie Rocket shared it to his Instagram, noting that business at Roberts’ stand had been super slow earlier in the week.

In the video, Rocket showed Barker walking up the stand with two pair of drum sticks in his hand and introducing himself to Roberts. The budding entrepreneur, focused on his biz, asked Barker if he wanted a cup of lemonade as the drummer offered up much more. “I brought you some drumsticks and I also brought some donations, I brought some money,” Barker said, stuffing some bills into the donation jar and handing over the sticks.

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