Billie Eilish To Sit On Climate Change Panel

Billie Eilish is bringing a climate activism party to London later this month. The singer will join a panel at OVERHEATED, an event dedicated to raising awareness about the worlds climate crisis. They'll talk about the environmental impact of the world's food system, feelings of eco-anxiety, sustainable fashion production and more. 

Billie has been very vocal about the issue, posting publicly on social media about her struggles with climate anxiety. She has also tried to make her tours as eco-friendly as possible, with water-refill stations, recycling bins, and information points where fans can learn more about the effects of the crisis.

The event, titled OVERHEATED, is the second of its kind – the first was held last year – and will consist of panel discussions, community-building exercises, roller skating, and “delicious plant-based food” from Neat Burger. OVERHEATED is set to be held in London, at Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace, on August 30. 

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