Live Nation Launches Meditation App


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Live Nation is sharing a new meditation app.  Mindful Nation “seamlessly incorporates music into the practice of meditation,” and is now available for download. Mindful Nation offers more than 1,000 classes “tuned to various vibes, on-demand classes for mind, sleep, and day-to-day life, music playlists from artists around the world spanning genres, and ‘breathe with the beat’ exercise.” Mindful Nation is available now via the Apple App Store.

“The Mindful Nation app brings together meditation and music in a unique way,” said Michael Rapino, CEO and president of Live Nation. “We first launched Mindful Nation as a program for our employees, and it’s great to see Niamh now bringing the benefits of mindfulness to touring artists and crew across our industry, as well as music fans.”
Sonic beats for meditations are curated by producers and independent artists, including Janax Pacha, Mose Musica and Chris IDH.
“Music is transcendent and has the power to connect and support. The artists on Mindful Nation are vehicles to that higher source which we are bringing into people’s everyday lives through our meditation classes,” said McCarthy. “The classes on the app are like a timeless album, never out of date. Users can keep going back to these resources again and again to support themselves through the highs and lows of life.”

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