Rage Against The Machine Lead Boycott Of Facial Recognition

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this is what you call "Raging Against The Machine". Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine are backing a petition that aims to prevent venues from using facial recognition technology. The two are among over 100 other acts who feel that the technology infringes upon the privacy of concerts. 

The online petition at BanFacialRecognition.com details more of the dangers of facial recognition while also encouraging others to joining the boycott. The petition also features 25 music and entertainment venues that have said they're going to keep the technology out of their buildings.


via UCR:

A pledge signed by a range of musicians and music venue operators, organized by the activist group Fight for the Future, stated that the signatories would boycott any location making use of the camera systems. It follows reports in 2022 that Madison Square Garden had been identifying lawyers involved in litigation with its owners and removing them from shows.
“The music industry is reeling at news that the owner of iconic New York City venue Madison Square Garden is using facial recognition to identify, harass, and ban people from [its] venues,” the organization said. “This invasive biometric surveillance isn’t safe, especially for Black and brown people who have been falsely arrested or ejected from public places due to the tech’s baked-in discrimination.
“In recent years, a coalition of musicians, fans and human rights groups successfully got more than 40 of the world’s largest music festivals, including Bonnaroo and Coachella, to say they won’t use facial recognition at events. But now this tech is starting to spread – not only as a surveillance tool but also as a form of ‘paperless’ ticketing and payment. Artists, venues and fans: You have a choice when it comes to the technology that’s present at live events. Pledge now to help us fight it.”
Rage Against The Machine In Concert - New York, NY

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