Blink-182's Mark Hoppus Sues Neighbor

Blink-182 In Concert - New York, NY

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Mark Hoppus is not happy with his neighbor's landscaping style, so him and his wife are suing them. TMZ reports that Hoppus and his wife Skye are suing the next-door neighbor as part of a long conflict involving pine trees planted near the property line.  Hoppus says the neighbor is going against an agreement that says trees must be under 15 feet tall. Hoppus is asking for an injunction to force his neighbor to trim the trees and he wants monetary damages for having his view blocked.

According to Consequence Of Sound:

Hoppus became the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley, or, his backyard, after his neighbor allegedly violated a years-old rule by the planning commission to remove bordering trees and limit tree growth to a maximum height of 15 feet. An injunction filed by the singer and his wife now claims that the evergreen in question has risen above its predetermined peak and new trees have begun to grow in the interim, further obstructing the couple’s views.
Aside from demanding their agreement honored and trees trimmed, the lawsuit asserts that the neighbor has ignored repeated requests to resolve the issue, while the artist who once seemed to champion Neighborhoods has also sought damages in some form.

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