Tom Petty's Family Suing Auction House For Selling Stolen Items

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Perform At The Viejas Arena

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The family of Tom Petty is suing an auction house for selling personal items believed to be stolen. The family of the late rocker says Boston-based RR Auction House is selling items such as jackets, vests, shirts, hats, jeans, footwear, duffle bags, guitar straps, posters, CDs, and vinyl. Specific items include a vest Petty may have worn at Live Aid in 1985 and a Guns N' Roses tour jacket with a customized name tag. Petty's family says the auction house "will not disclose" who provided the items or "how they were acquired."

via The Guardian:

The family alleges that all of the items have “an established provenance in the Petty family’s secure storage” and said it had based their accusations against RR Auction “on prior knowledge, staff observations and documentation”.
Petty’s family is pursuing “swift” legal action “for the immediate return of these items” and asked fans and collectors to not buy any of the items “to avoid getting further involved in this legal action”.
“These items have irreplaceable sentimental and educational value for the family and legacy of Tom Petty and we look forward to their safe return,” the wrote.

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