Lego Releasing "Pac-Man" Set!

photo: Lego

LEGO is headed back to the 80's, with a retro 2,651-piece model ‘Pac-Man’ arcade cabinet! The set is based on a real 1980s arcade game cabinet and comes complete with a light brick to illuminate the coin slot, Lego said on its website.

"Pac-Man," launched in Tokyo in 1980, and became the most successful arcade game of all time. The Lego set doesn't work as an actual gaming system, the company says fans will love the "retro game details."
While the Lego set does not actually function as a gaming system, it is “loaded with retro game details you’ll want to devour,” and it features what Lego calls a “mechanical maze,” which is operated by turning a crank on the side of the set.

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