Vinyl Producer Pays $25 Million Settlement For False Claims

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MoFi was hit with a class action lawsuit after the purported “all-analog” company admitted to using Direct Stream Technology

The vinyl producer is paying a $25 million settlement over false claims of creating "all-analog" albums. Mobile Fidelity, also known as MoFi, admitted the records were created by using digital methods, which greatly decreases the value of the records. The scheme, which reportedly began more than a decade ago was confirmed by the Washington Post after a record store owner in Phoenix exposed the company in a YouTube video last year. MoFi is offering full refunds for all customers.

The complaint, filed in a Washington federal court last summer, accused the company of marketing its vinyl LPs as purely analog while using Direct Stream Digital (DSD) technology in its vinyl production. MoFi confirmed that allegation shortly before the lawsuit was filed. Months prior, MoFi had opened a new vinyl pressing plant in Oxnard, California, which the company heralded as America’s “premier vinyl production facility.”

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