WATCH: joe p. ALT 104.5 Winter Jawn interview with Amber Miller

joe p. kicked off the festivities at ALT 104.5 Winter Jawn on Saturday, and then we had this great conversation right after he hopped off the stage...he thawed, we chatted.

Other than playing a stage in the shadow of the stadium of the best damn football team in the universe (Lincoln Financial Field, and the birds, duh) in freezing temperatures outdoors in February, we chatted about the strangest place he's ever performed live....turns out it was a Taco of those fancy ones that serve alcohol.

And when asked about what's THE most Jersey thing about him, joe p totally won me over by replying it's all things food and carbs...bread, bagels & pizza...a man after my own heart.

We discussed the Jersey accent too, does he have one, or not so much? Listen closely when you check out our chat in full below.

His latest EP French Blonde is a must listen, and there's a lot on the horizon for our Jersey friend as the year continues - make sure to give him a follow to keep up with all the news to come!

Thanks to Rand Spear, The Accident Lawyer, for sponsoring our interview and broadcast at Winter Jawn.

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