Wawa Launches Special "Schwarber-Fest" With Hoagie Deals

Wawa Hoagies + Kyle Schwarber = home runs --- simple equation

Phillies outfielder, Kyle Schwarber went on a tear back when Wawa was running their annual Hoagiefest campaign back in the Summer, hitting 20 homers while Wawa was dishing out their hoagie deal...so it was suggested, why not run it back with the Phils now in the playoffs.

Well, Wawa announced Schwarber-fest last night and guess what happened shortly after....Kyle Schwarber launched an epic 488ft home run to give the Phillies a 2-0 lead and help them secure game 1 in the NLCS.

If this was any indication, Wawa made the right call. We can now enjoy $5 shorti and $6 classic hoagies when using the Wawa app during this Phillies postseason, which could very well mean more Kyle Schwarber bombs in the meantime.

Go Phils.

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