Joel Embiid with James Corden on 'The Late Late Show'

ya gotta just LOVE the BIG GUY! this is so great! so last week while the sixers were in LA on 3-game west coast trip, Joel Embiid stopped by "The Late Late Show" studios to hang out with James Corden and get some "acting lessons"... the segment aired a few nights ago on the show- ICYMI, details/video below! :D

via PhillyVoice

The sketch opens up with the All-Star center walking into Corden's office and telling the late night host that he wants to do some acting while in Hollywood. Embiid asks Corden if he could give him some acting advice.

"Are you kidding me? How dare you ask me something like that? So insensitive," Corden responds.
Embiid apologizes for apparently offending Corden, who tells the big fella that he was just acting. Corden agrees to become Embiid's personal acting coach. He instructs Embiid to follow him around for the day and to "be ready to act any moment."

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