Manchester Orchestra announces 'A Black Mile To The Surface' Concert Film

Friday night = made! Manchester Orchestra has just announced that this Friday night, February 12th, they'll premiere a new concert film.

A Black Mile To The Surface: The Global Concert Film is a front-to-back performance of the album of the same name, filmed with multiple cameras at Asheville, NC’s Echo Mountain Recording studios.

The concert is free and will premiere on YouTube at 8pm EST. In a press release the band shared:

"We wanted to create a really special live performance for our fans, seeing as we haven’t been able to be together in quite awhile. So we returned to the place where we recorded A Black Mile To The Surface and played the album in its entirety. We are so excited to share this film, for free, to everybody,” says Hull. “This album and your reception to it has exceeded our expectations, and we felt this the best way to thank you all for supporting our music. This feels like the perfect way to close the Black Mile chapter, and I’m excited to say that this is more than just a concert. It’s also the beginning.”

Check out the trailer for the show below. The setting looks beautiful, and I am counting down the seconds till this premiere. Manchester Orchestra were one of the

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