Coming Soon: A Sublime Comic Book

The story of the iconic SOCal band Sublime is about to be told in a whole new a new comic book (or graphic novel, if you please).

Sublime: $5 at the Door (named after a lyric from "Garden Grove"is scheduled for release this June.

Sublime's management company partnered with Z2 Comics for the release. It's a substantial 120 pages, Sublime artists Opie Ortiz and DJ Product created the cover art, and the writer is a super-fan of the band and a SoCal native, Ryan Cady. He says: "I saw these guys like neighbors, and as I research the human moments underneath their phenomenon with Bud and Eric, I get to share that feeling with everyone who picks up the book."

The standard edition will run you $24.99, but there are special deluxe additions (including deluxe pricing) including a special first-time vinyl edition of the Doin’ Time EP, exclusive prints, and my favorite, a Lou-Dog toy!

Check out all the options and pre-order $5 at the Door HERE

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