Support Philly Artists on Bandcamp Again!

Bandcamp is waiving the revshare fee again on Friday, May 1st (and again June 5th and July 3rd) to help indie musicians get a few extra dollars in their pockets from some of the shows they've sadly had to cancel through the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are sooo many great Philly artists on Bandcamp, there's no way to cover them all. But I'll just post some links for a few I know are pretty solid and had albums and EPs drop in the last few months.

If you can buy their album digitally or donate I am sure they'd love it!

Here are some pretty new releases (from the last few weeks) you might consider supporting

Astronaut Jumpshot (Deadfellow, Rylan Brooks) has some new music that came out this April!

Beach Slang had an album they released in January and had to cancel a full tour on...

Dave Cope just put out some quarantine inspired songs...

The Districts "You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere" came out in March 2020

The Groove Merchants dropped a full album, "The Throne" on March 22nd

Kississippi might have something special appearing at midnight on 5/1/2020...

Poppy just released "Last Three Dollars"

Rosemeat just put out four songs on their "Animal Drama" EP

Slomo Sapiens dropped "Cabin Fever Dreams" on March 20th

Soraia put out "Dig Your Roots" in March 2020

A Day Without Love's album "A Change in Heart" was released in mid February

Alright Junior

Andorra's "Family Tree" is a great album from the end of 2019

Brother JT

Coping Skills

Creem Circus

Creep Bandita out of Newark Delaware (Grace Vonderkuhn project) just put out their "Haze" EP

David Fantasy & Adult Content

Eyebawl (Delaware)

Full Bush

Harmony Woods

Hoochi Coochi

Jac with No K

Joshua Chase Miller released "Chaos" in March

Madelean Gauze

Mannequin Pussy

Mo Lowda & the Humble's Ready Coat is hot off the presses from late March

Muscle Tough

Nik Greeley & the Operators

Queen of Jeans

Riverby dropped "The Tell-Tale Heart" a few weeks ago, off their upcoming release, "Smart Mouth"

Rylan Brooks released their latest, "Passenger Blues" in March

Secret Nudist Friends

Sheer Mag

St. James & the Apostles "Black Psalms" is such a great release from the end of 2019/early 2020

West Philadelphia Orchestra

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