New Music Discovery Of The Week: Grandson "Dirty"

This week's ALT 104.5 New Music Discovery of the Week is grandson "Dirty"

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Instagram: @grandson
Twitter: @grandson
Facebook: @grandsonmusic

For grandson, music is more than an artform. It’s his way of communicating the endless anxieties, fears, epiphanies and questions swirling in his mind, burdened with an overwhelming responsibility to ‘do the right thing.’ Using this moniker to anonymize himself, alternative singer/songwriter Jordan Benjamin has struck a chord with millions of fans, who he affectionately calls ‘grandkids.’

Born in America but raised in Toronto, Canada, grandson has resided in Los Angeles for six years, since the video of his first ever performance was discovered. He was brought up in a progressive and musical household, heavily influenced by his older sisters’ unconventional opinions and his parents’ artistic endeavors. Listening to everyone from A Tribe Called Quest to Bill Withers, grandson emerges at the confluence of rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop and electronic music, keen to “recontextualize” rock music today.

This non-conformist sound, which grandson describes as “cathartic, confrontational and a little confusing,” is a direct projection of the ongoing inner conflict with his identity. This vulnerability has engaged a loyal and global fanbase, and his relationship to them guides many artistic choices, “I remember meeting some of the first grandkids and realizing how many people rely on music to be understood like I do.”

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