New Music Discovery Of The Week: SHAED “No Other Way”

This week’s ALT 104.5 New Music Discovery Of The Week is SHAED “No Other Way”

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Socials: @shaedband

SHAED was formed in 2016, but Chelsea, Max, and Spencer came together long before that. The band is uniquely a “family band” in that they chose this family for themselves. Chelsea was best friends with Max for years before marrying his twin brother, Spencer. After that, like three trees with the same system of roots, SHAED blossomed from their home in Washington DC.

The band signed with Photo Finish Records in 2016 and released two EPs - Just Wanna See (2016) & Melt (2018). After the runaway success of their multi-platinum breakout single “Trampoline” in 2019 the band was in high demand and ready to tour the world. When they were thrown off that path by the pandemic, SHAED used their unexpected break to reassess themselves as artists. The band discovered a wealth of strength and creativity which led to their forthcoming debut LP, due out Spring 2021.

The album's first single “No Other Way” is an anthem for the 21st century. “… We could die, a million ways, but we’re alive, another day” takes the anxiety we all feel and turns it into the power of living in the moment. It’s a mantra; a way to overcome the forces that threaten to overwhelm us.

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