Zack De La Rocha And Josh Homme Perform With Run The Jewels: Watch

Over the weekend, Run The Jewels premiered a TV special called Holy Calamavote with the goal of raising money for the ACLU and encouraging voter registration. The Eric Andre-hosted event, which broadcast on Adult Swim, seconded as a chance for El-P and Killer Mike to perform their latest album RTJ4 for live the first time.

The duo played in an empty venue, with many of the album's featured artists joining via a big screen behind the rappers. Rage Against The Machine’s Zack de la Rocha and Pharrell Williams popped up on the projector for "JU$T," and Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme, along with Mavis Staples, performed "Pulling The Pin" virtually with RTJ.

“We believe that the last thing that they want you to do is get out of your house and march down in person, mask on, and cast your ballot for what you think this country is supposed to be,” El-P said at the end of the set. “We want you to go down there, and when you get there: Tell ’em Run the Jewels sent you.”

“Vote local,” added Killer Mike. “Vote down the ballot. Vote for your mayor, judges, prosecutors. For the people looking over your life. Vote the b*****ds out of office and keep the good folks in.”

At time of writing, Holy Calamavote has raised nearly $10,000 for ACLU. Watch the full special below.

Photo: Getty Images

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