YUNGBLUD Celebrates First Anniversary Of 'Hope For The Underrated Youth' EP

YUNGBLUD's Hope For The Underrated Youth turned 1 over the weekend, and to celebrate the English rocker shared a touching message to fans via Instagram.

"happy birthday to the UNDERRATED YOUTH EP," he wrote alongside a gallery of photos and videos from that era. "thankyou [sic] for everything, every single day. f**k, i can’t wait to see you all. i luv u all so f**kin much. this is about us, it always has been, it always will be. what was ur favourite song? 🖤"

He continued the post with a poem to fans, ending with some lines that may sound familiar: YUNGBLUD recites them at the end of "Tongue Tied," his collaboration with Black Bear and Marshmello. See his full post here and read the poem below:

have have you ever felt like you never belonged anywhere?
have you ever felt like you can’t slot into the puzzle that is the world around you?
have you felt lonely you feel like your not even here at all?
well guess what?
from this moment on u will never be lonely again.
if you are here.
you are with me.
you are with us.
look at the people around you
you belong somewhere.
these will protect you
they will defend you, they will love you and they will accept you for exactly who you f**king are.
with only clarity engulfed inside our eyes
with untactful tongues and insightful minds
we lye been torn apart a couple thousand times
but through the the fires we will arise
unharmed , untouched , unused
screaming nothin but anthems for this underrated youth.

Photo: Getty Images