Jessie chats with Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years!


2020 has been an absolute dumpster fire of a year, so thank God we have a band like The Wonder Years to make things feel a little bit better.

Starting in November, the band will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their breakout records ‘The Upsides’ and ‘Suburbia I’ve Give You All and Now I’m Nothing” and they have SOME AMAZING stuff going on.

The Wonder Years have been extremely involved in getting people registered to vote, so they decided if they got 1,000 of their fans to register to vote, they would release this new song “Brakeless” early (which is a song they were not going to release until December)… Well, they hit that goal in less than a week- so the world will officially get this new song on October 23rd.

But because The Wonder Years have so much love for you and Philly, they let us premiere this brand new song TONIGHT 9pm on The New Music Discovery Show.

I had the pleasure of chatting w/ Dan Campbell (while the band was in the process of filming a music video) to talk about just how important this election is, and to remind you that you’ve got ONE LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER TO VOTE tomorrow (October 19th)-

Wait until you hear this song: I hope you tune in tonight- the song was recorded in the style of those two breakout albums, and the recaptured that era and the lyrics really hit right now! So check out our interview and ROCK AND ROLL MOTHA TRUCKAS! I hope the entire world hears this song!