New Music Discovery Of The Week: Robert DeLong ft. Ashe "Better In College"

This week’s ALT 104.5 New Music Discovery Of The Week is Robert DeLong feat. Ashe "Better In College"

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How the song came together:

Robert DeLong found common ground with Ashe in their latest release “Better in College.” Together, Robert’s sense of groove and Ashe’s knack for melody deliver an anthem reminiscent of college days.

The pair realized they were both freshly out of relationships that started in college and connected over feeling both a need for change and sentimental for the past at the same time. Robert describes that,

“Ashe and I started writing about two weeks after I had just ended a 10 year relationship. As post-break-up conversations often do, this led to us commiserating over the recent end of both of our long-term partnerships that began as college-era romances. The process was a lovely and fluid meeting of the minds. The song was a joy to write and produce, and ended up being quite special because of it. ”

While sharing their individual stories, they also discovered that they had a friend in common, a college classmate and former crush of Ashe’s. Ashe shares, "We wrote Better in College about a guy I crushed on back in school who is ironically now a good friend of both of ours. To Rob, love ya. Guy from college, you know who you are."

Through the lens of nostalgia, they crafted a song about a profound end to a long-lasting relationship, and the naivete of a collegiate crush.

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