The Cure's New Album is FINISHED

The pandemic has taken a mental and emotional toll on all of us and it's definitely been pretty terrible. But I will say the one positive has been seeing some of our favorite bands hunkered down in studio writing and creating more music than normal. That includes THE CURE! Who have just finished their new album.

Robert Smith has been teasing new music for a while but he said that this entire lockdown situation has really just forced him to focus on finishing a number of projects without distraction.

“Our whole idea for this year was really finishing off the album we started last year, me finishing off the solo album and also, finishing digitising decades of stuff in order to make this film with Tim Pope about the history of the band,” Smith explained in a recent interview with BBC Radio 6 Music. “So, it’s actually benefited me because there have been no other distractions, so I’ve actually got a lot of what I wanted to do, done.”

According to CoS:

In previous interviews, Smith described The Cure’s new album as “so dark” and “incredibly intense”. He’s also has spoken a bit about his solo record, calling it “an album of noise.”