July 7 Primary Day For New Jersey & Delaware: What You Need To Know

After both states delayed their original primary dates, the day is now here for New Jersey and Delaware voters!

Things will be a little different though for each.


Many voters in New Jersey voted by mail already, and if you still have a mail-in ballot, you can still mail it off today as long as it is POSTMARKED for today. The state set a deadline of July 14 boards of elections to count timely mailed ballots. You can still vote in person - the polls are open until 8pm. There is reduced polling locations, however, so check with your local county elections office of where to vote. If you would like to not hit the polls, you can also go directly to your county elections office and request a mail-in ballot there on the spot, and then directly turn it back in to them.


Polls are also open until 8pm here, and there is also less locations than usual. Many voters here also already voted by mail, but there will still be locations open to vote in person. Voters also have until 8pm as well to return absentee ballots to the Department of Elections County Office of the county in which they live.

Check out more info here!

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