Dream Job Alert: Get paid to drink beer and hike the Applachian Trail

Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company (outta Virginia) is accepting applications for a “Chief Hiking Officer.”

Get paid to hike the entire 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and drink and share beer along the way with your fellow hikers.

Your compensation: lots of Devil's Backbone Beer, hiking gear and a $20,000 stipend (and the adventure of a lifetime.)

The company expects the trek to take 5-7 months and the new CHO (Cheif Hiking Officer) will start in March of 2021.

This isn't a gig for a newbie without hiking experience. The brewery says:

“You’ve gotta love hiking and beer. We mean really love it. We’re talking 2,200 miles, camping under the stars, pack-in-pack-out for 5-7 months love it. Since this is one of the toughest survival experiences of all time, we wouldn’t feel right sending just anyone out there to give it the ol’ college try. Make sure your entry summarizes your hiking and adventure experience.”

Think you're perfect for the gig? Applications are due by July 31st. Apply & get all the particulars HERE.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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