The Power of Music to Calm, Empower & Bring us Together

Photo: Jared Polin

We are in the thick of it now. And I know every single day (even every hour) can feel like a different emotion while we navigate our way through this pandemic. I was lucky enough to be apart of a wonderful online show called "The Creative Pause Project" where I spoke about different musical tools you can use to help you stay calm amidst the storm.

Music is a constant companion and is always readily available for all of us, even when we're alone. I shared my musical journey, and the different ways I use music as a secret weapon to help me get what I want out of this world, and we get into what I call my "Secret Weapon Playlist"..which is something I encourage you to make for yourself. Digging into songs from your past, growing up, maybe when times weren't so hard, or songs that just GET YOU GOING! We talk about it all. I hope the episode leaves you feeling nostalgic, and remembering your early days when you first discovered all the music you loved. So take some time to check this out below, and hit me up on instagram (@jammminjessie) to let me know if it helped you out! WE GOT THIS

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