The MLB Safety Proposal For A July Return

The #MLB is looking to return with Opening Day in early July, but there are many bumps in the road before that happens. The league is in the midst of a document that will succeed 67 pages of health and safety information that has strict rules to be enforced. These rules will consist of the denial of certain actions like spitting, chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, and of course social distancing when off the field. The players will pretty much be robots on the field without being able to incorporate their habits and rituals that have surrounded baseball players for hundreds of years. Money is the biggest factor in the decision to return, but all hell will break loose WHEN a player violates a rule or tests positive for Coronavirus. So what's the course of action when that happens? To read more on the #MLB plan of return-- Click Here!!

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