2020 Haverford Spring Fest Goes Virtual w/ Tim Williams, Ben Arnold, etc

Well this event totally snuck up on me! But it's not too late for us to enjoy most of it!

The 7th Annual Haverford Spring Festival has turned into a virtual livestreamed event so you can enjoy all the great music all weekend long. It's pretty much all Philly area artists too!

Starting 4pm on Friday 5/15 and going each day from 4-10pm thru Sunday, 5/17 - you can enjoy the fest from your couch/backyard/bed/whereever you like watching.

The rest of the schedule (What we haven't missed yet) is below!

Watch it all on their Facebook Live or Youtube Live

Friday, May 15th

Michelle Lordi - 5:00pm

Kuf Knotz w Christine Elise - 5:30p

Jeff Campbell - 6:00p

John Flynn - 6:30p

Minas - 7:00p

Katie Barbato - 7:30p

Danielle Miraglia - 8:00p

Broken Brothers f. Lou Maresca and Joe Mass - 9:00p

Saturday, May 16th

Ben Pedersen - 4:00p

Henry McDaniel - 4:00p

Virginia Jennings - 4:15p

Danny Vanore - 4:30p

Tom Nataloni - 4:30p

Erica Gagliardi - 4:30p

Antonia Brunetti - 4:30p

Jesse Loewy - 5:00p

Almost There - Tank - 5:30p

Almost There - Kristen Conrad - 6:00p

Dylan McGuire - 6:30p

Andrea Nardello - 7:00p

Michael Boyce - 7:30p

Zeek Mitchell - 8:00p

Grace Ricci - 8:30p

Scot Sax and Suzie Brown - 9:00p

Ben Arnold - 9:30p

Sunday, May 17th

Christian Harper - 4:00p

Alex Fichera - 4:20p

Sergey Ryan - 4:40p

Pammie Cobaugh - 5:00p

Matt DiMarino - 5:30p Billy Joel Tribute

Deb Callahan and Allen James - 6:00p

Elton Rohn - 6:30p Elton John Tribute

Tim Williams - 7:00p

Christine Havrilla - 7:30p

Cliff Hillis - 8:00p

Matt Santry - 8:30p

Dennis Chiccino - 9:00p

Scott McClatchy - 9:30p

Benefits the Kelly Center, performers and community initiatives. Get information about them and donate below.

https://www.paypal.me/KellyMusicForLife OR https://kellycenter.org/contribute/

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